"Together For Our Keiki is a valuable organization and resource for families entangled in the special education public school system. TFOK volunteered so much of their time and expertise as our family navigated through that school system for the first time. The information they provide our family with is invaluable and educates us so much more than any google search would. This process can be stressful and terrifying, but TFOK devotes so much time and care to those they help and offers support that empowers families to continue advocating for their children’s needs. I recently had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer and be a part of the online Parent Advocacy Workshop. It was a wonderful experience to collaborate with the presenters and to listen and learn from them as well. Our family is beyond appreciative and thankful for TFOK."

Jessica Akiona, TFOK Peer Advocate (Hawai'i Island)

"An amazing organization that has meant so much to our family. I’ve never met anyone like Dr. Kelly that will give so much of her time for someone else’s keiki. We’re so thankful not to navigate this journey alone. We are forever grateful."

Jeanette White, Parent (Oahu)

"This group has extremely helpful, extremely knowledgeable professionals, AND lots of experienced parents. The website has SO MUCH information, and the support network is unbelievable. There have been so many times on our journey that I have wanted to give up, but being able to talk to other parents who have been there has helped me pull through and be able to advocate for my children." 

Maile Moody Rogers, TFOK Peer Advocate (Oahu)
While working as a special education teacher in the DOE, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Kelly and other advocates. As a first/second year teacher moving to Hawaii from the mainland, I was in an uncomfortable position and was sometimes unsure of how to advocate for the best services for my students. When Dr. Kelly joined one of my IEP teams, I felt as though she was able to accurately articulate what my students needed and defend her proposed services with facts and the law. I fully support For Our Keiki and their mission to provide students with the supports they need to truly be successful in the public school system.

Kasey Leigh, Special Education Teacher (Oahu)
"Lots of resources, information, and inspiration on how to bring about awareness and dissemination about ABA in schools. What I love most about this page is the emphasis on being ethical and doing the right thing for the students."

Bethany Patterson, Behavior Analyst (Oahu/Virginia Beach)
"Very helpful and supportive for parents trying to navigate the special education programming in HI DOE."

Maureen McComas, TFOK Peer Advocate, (Oahu)

"I am all the way in South Carolina but FOK has been incredibly helpful to our family! The posts, articles, advice, and everything has been a vital part of our advocacy. I would recommend everyone to like the page and follow what this incredible organization is doing for our Keiki!"

David Warner, Parent (South Carolina)

"Learning what you need to know to help parents navigate their child’s education."

Goldean Lowe, Behavior Analyst (Maui)
"Not only does this nonprofit provide parents with a wealth of knowledge and resources regarding special education rights in the school system, but it empowers members of the community to join together and support our keiki. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” In my opinion, this African proverb is the definition of what this organization stands for."

Stefany Guerrero, Behavior Analyst, TFOK Ambassador (Maui)