Keynote Presenter - Carter Keegan

I call myself a “Spiritual Autistic Photographer Globetrotter Naturalist AND Future Lunatic Farmer." Steve Jobs’ mission was to connect the world through technology. My mission in life is to reconnect the ever-modernizing society back to the world of nature. Working in this field will allow me to build creative solutions through personal evolution, constructive risk-taking, and self-actualization between myself and the natural world. Following the environmental studies and animal behavior, ecology and conservation approach, I am dedicated to spreading positive attitudes about developing human awareness in order to bring about a more sustainable harmony with the natural world of what is left, though conservation through sustainable agriculture, by becoming a future lunatic farmer also someday. Lending my helping hand towards others to reconnect the world of Mother Nature, I also seek to be a conscious human being in many roles including being a life-long student, mentor, friend, future husband and parent.I would like to better the outcome of how animal behavior can assist in the conservation of biodiversity by beginning my work in a position helping the planet by starting with first-hand of these issues head on. I will someday be able to provide science-based strategies for the betterment of humans, animals, and the planet’s future. Through much thought, I want to become an inspiration to all because of my life overcoming autism, my new ways of thinking, and my pursuit of understanding life through autism, and how the animals who save me. This is a story of how the boy who loved animals, embraced autism and is ready to change the world.