Empower Hawaiʻi was created in 2019 to expand the organization's events, programs, and projects and meet the needs of communities state-wide.  The process of choosing an event, program or project starts with first observing and really understanding the societal need for community empowerment and change. The second step is building a tribe of people with similar desires to address the gap and create a huge impact for the community. Community organizing is our favorite part of the projects and is also very powerful for empowerment. The last step is to evaluate and repeat when there is still a need.

Empower Hawaiʻi hosts 7 signature community events: The Ukulele Bash, The Young Women's Prom Event, Emergency Preparedness Fairs, Together For Our Keiki, Defend the Family, Painting Projects and Community Clean Ups. These events are a collaboration of efforts from many community members, businesses, non-profits, schools, and others. Empower Hawaiʻi has one signature community program called ARC (Attendance Review Council) which is currently operating in the Leeward School Complex. Lastly, Empower Hawaiʻi formerly hosted Entrepreneur Conferences, Back to School Bashes, and continues to do one time community projects such as park renovations and building performing stages for schools.